great ideas
can be incubated globally

New multi-billion dollar organizations experience their genesis anywhere from Hangzhou China (home base for Alibaba) to Tallinn Estonia (ideation center for Skype). The only ingredient needed to nurture innovation, create leaders, and generate wealth is a supportive community to foster entrepreneurs in the new ideation economy.

mission statement

Our mission is to identify visionary entrepreneurs and facilitate ideation by providing a clear path to success through a global ecosystem of innovation resources. We make our entrepreneur’s dreams real so people around the world live happier, healthier, richer lives.

what we do

We are a multi-location, multi-disciplined start-up accelerator and innovation aggregator that targets:

what makes us unique: off-ramping

We partner with multi-national corporations to discover their pain points and identify, source and build technologies to solve problems.

The benefits to Strategic Partners are both nuanced and quantitative. More specifically, the ability for industry participants to secure “customized” innovative technologies in a low-cost compressed time-to-market model provides a competitive advantage and quantifiable benefits in time saved and profits earned.

Fundamentally, we exists to enhance the funding ecosystem in core technology startups. Startups receive the necessary funding to jump- start their development. Whatever it takes. We are here for impact.

how the model works

A broad cooperative environment has been established to harvest deal flow within the Florida market. Our relationships with universities, incubators, other accelerators, and venture capitalist are essential parts in developing our portfolio and deliver a favorable ROI to our stakeholders.

Additionally we are establishing off-shore relationships to not only provide additional deal flow but to cross pollinate ideation and promote collaborative research. Our team has extensive experience with cross border alliances and transactions which will enhance Florida’s position as a global innovation hub.

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