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And there is no ads. Can't help adding praises to the developers of this app, contains a great and useful calculator, dis app has helped me to solve more complex and complicate maths question and has helped me improve in my grade, gET This app PLUS! Its literally the best thing that has ever come into my life.

Matthew McCart

Also I'm very glad that there isn't too many ads on this app. Anyway it's still the best, great app and schoolwork helper. I love this app it is probably the only reason I am passing math because my teachers talk really really fast and I can never catch up then I have homework so I just use this on the homework and boom it's done 10/10 would reccomend.

Elijah Phillips

100% accuracy so far. All in all this app is one of the best and I look forward onto more of this and other improvements for this app, an excellent app for getting right to the point, but other then that it is really helpful for me, but sometimes it is too slow. Easy to use, shows you how to do the work, has zero bugs--it's got loads of good stuff! This app makes algebra a breeze! No doubt the best virtual math helper out there.

Victor Cabrera

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