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Also it will tell you what settings to change to to get the best answer. Amazing application only reason I've managed to get through the past three months of college algebra. Best app l have ever downloaded for my daughter.

Leslie Tolson

Amazing amazing amazing, amazing, I can now check my work and make sure after I solve a problem whether I understand it or not, but other than that it was actually a great app to use for math, good luck, great app if you use it to learn, if you just use it to cheat shame on you.

Steven Tucker

Best calculator app ever, best free calculator that explains answers. Especially if it could expand to answer more questions and even the possibility of live tutors (although its hardly needed with an app like this), fast, easy, and quick! Absolutely love this app and would totally recommend this ,especially for middle schoolers having a hard time in math, it can recognize printed problems and hand written ones and even explains how to get that answer! Five stars.

Christopher Kim