Abacus math for class 2

In this video, I have explained about showing three digit numbers on abacus. I will explain how to show three digit numbers on ones place

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2nd Std Maths

Abacus Class - Learn Counting by 2's | Learn basics Abacus | Beginners Abacus Lesson 3Subscribe to 11K views 2 years ago Abacus Classes.

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we love to teach and we are teaching finger abacus in easy wayFinger Abacus Multiplication Class 1 English level 2 class 2 Concept +4=+5-1+40=+50-10In this video, we will learn add +4 and +40 from small family. With the help of this video

Learn Counting by 2's

2nd Std Maths | Counting using abacus | Mathematics Class -2 | Maths Part-59Subscribe to our Pebbles Kids Learning Channel:

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