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What is Agilysys InfoGenesis? InfoGenesis POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as empower your business and Apple Pay integration.

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Restaurant POS System

Agilysys InfoGenesis POS is designed to serve guests more effectively while improving your profitability. This flexible point-of-sale system is easy to set up
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Infogenesis was a great POS system to integrate things like room charges as a form of payment and also for splitting checks or quickly adding an item to

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Agilysys InfoGenesis POS

Choose an award-winning POS Software that's flexible enough to accommodate your changing business, and reliable enough to never get in the way of serving your

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InfoGenesis POS (Point of Sale) Software

InfoGenesis POS (Point of Sale) is award-winning POS technology that provides a 360-degree view of your business and every guest.

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Point of Sale Management System

Agilysys provides restaurant POS (point of sale) systems and restaurant management software to support maximum productivity and profitability.

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