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Algebraic notation for inequalities

An algebraic inequality, such as x ≥ 2, is read “ x is greater than or equal to 2 .” This inequality has infinitely many solutions for x. Some of the solutions are 2, 3, 3.5, 5, 20, and

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Solving linear inequalities / Formatting answers

When we write an inequality symbol with a line under it, such as a ≤ b a ≤ b, it means a < b a < b or a =b a = b. We read this a a is less than or equal to b b. Also, if we put a slash through an equal

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Tutorial 22: Linear Inequalities

Step-by-Step Examples Algebra Inequalities Convert to Interval Notation x + 1 > −7 x + 1 > - 7 Move all terms not containing x x to the right side of the inequality. Tap for more steps x > −8

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Inequality to Interval Notation Calculator

An inequality equation is an algebraic expression that instead of an equal symbol (=), contains the symbols less than (), or greater than or equal to (≥).
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Writing and Manipulating Inequalities

The inequality is telling us that \(x\) is any number between 4 and \( - \frac{4}{3}\) or possibly \( - \frac{4}{3}\) itself and this is exactly what the interval notation is telling us. Also

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