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Apps can be a great way to help students with their algebra. Let's try the best alternating step ladder.

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Claude Westerlund

10/10 I recommend to everyone already, absolutely love it doesn't take up much space in your phone easy to use and it is so helpful because it literally answers any question love it definetly recommend it.

Jon Falcon

10/10 it works and reads my sloppy handwriting lol. 100/ 10 would recommend 👌, 1st compared to photo math, ads didn't interupted me, all you have to do is click the camera button and take a picture of your math problem then it gives you a list options and click the right one.


Alternating-Tread Step design offers a shorter span than traditional steps. Features handrail on each side of unit, dual safety chain at the top of the
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Alternating Tread Stairs

OSHA classifies alternating tread stairs (alternating tread devices) as non-standard stairs and states they are acceptable to use in applications where it is

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Math can be a difficult subject for some students, but with a little patience and practice, it can be mastered.

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