Amplitude in graph

amplitude in graph can be a helpful tool for these students.

Amplitude of Sinusoidal Functions

The height of the hill or the depth of the valley is called the amplitude, and is equal to . Any one full pattern in the graph is called a cycle, and the length

Writing Equations of Sine Functions

The amplitude of a function is the amount by which the graph of the function travels above and below its midline. When graphing a sine function

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Amplitude and Period

The amplitude of the sine and cosine functions is the vertical distance between the sinusoidal axis and the maximum or minimum value of the

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How to Determine the Amplitude & Period of a Sine

Amplitude: The amplitude of the graph of a sine function is the vertical distance from the top of a peak to the center line. This is the same as the

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Trigonometry : Period and Amplitude

The Amplitude is the height from the center line to the peak (or to the trough). Or we can measure the height from highest to lowest points and divide that by 2

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