Angle iron calculator

Use our online angle iron deflection calculator to calculate deflection for center load beam type by entering the modulus of elasticity of the iron(steel), load

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Angle Weight Calculator / Online Angle Weight Calculator

How to Calculate Angle Weight Let's work through an example of a mild steel angle Here's how the calculation works: Volume = (0.1 x 0.01 x 1) + ((0.1 - 0.01)

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Angle Weight Calculator

Use this metal weight calculator to calculate the weight of beams, bars, sheets, columns, tubings, etc. made from steel, aluminum, nickel, iron

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Calculate the Weight of Equal & Unequal Angles

Steel Angle Weight Per Kg of SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) Angles 65 x 65 x 5*, 4.9.

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Angle Iron Deflection Calculator

Calculator for Equal angles Thickness, t: mm Length, L: m Result Weight per meter: kg/m.