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To ask any doubt in Math download Doubtnut: If y=x^4-12 and if x changes from 2 to 1.99, what is the approximate change in y

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Online Linear Approximation Calculator

Find the average rate of change of function f (y) = 3y2 + 5 on the y interval (-1, 3). Solution: Where value of set a = -1 and b = 3 so that “a” is the left interval, and b is the right side on interval. f ( a)

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Total Differential

Free Integral Approximation calculator - approximate the area of a curve using different approximation methods step-by-step

Using the Total Differential dz to Approximate Delta Z Example

Use differentials to approximate the change in z for the given change in the independent variables. z = x2 - 4xy + y when (x,y) changes from (3,5) to (3.04,4.97) dza (Type an integer or a

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Linear Approximation Calculator

Z Score Calculator. Use this Z table calculator to easily calculate the Z-score from a given raw score. Also computes areas under the normal curve ( p -values) cut off by a given score. A table of Z scores and corresponding p-values is