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Average finder calculator is a software program that supports students solve math problems.

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College classes are expensive enough I don't need to pay to take em twice, if I can help it. Genuinely has helped me as a student understand the problems when I can't understand them in class, great app if you don't have a lot of time and dealing with multiple subjects I suggest getting this app.

Stephen Hensley

A great thankx to This app inc, amazingggg thanks so much. And this app try to make you understand about Division, Multiplication and more math complicated problems but ofc there's some glitches and bugs in this app for examples the camera sometimes froze in one place and the calculator in this app not giving the answer, but i'm sure it will be fixed soon! So anyways go ahead try this app.

Donald Hamilton

100% useful. Almost perfect! This app is VERY user friendly and actually makes math homework bearable. Answers all my problems extremely well. At first I was confused because i did not know how it works but wooow. Countless times this app has saved me from getting bad grades, or homeworks that i didnt understand, not only that it shows you the right answer, you get to see the steps yourself, so in future tests you are able to succed.

David Ivers

Average Calculator

Calculate the average of the given numbers 24, 29, 31, 34, 42, 56 24,29,31,34,42,56 Solution: There are 6 Numbers. So, add together all of the numbers and divide the total by 6 in order to get the

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Average Calculator

How to Calculate Average The average of a set of numbers is simply the sum of the numbers divided by the total number of values in the set. For example, suppose we want

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Weighted average calculation. The weighted average (x) is equal to the sum of the product of the weight (w i) times the data number (x i) divided by the sum of the weights:Example. Find the

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