Binomial probability calculator at least

The binomial probability formula that is used by the binomial probability calculator with the binomial coefficient is: $$ P (X) = n! / X! (n − X)! ⋅ p^X⋅ (1 − p) n − X $$ Where, n = number of

At Least and At Most Binomial Probabilities + TI84 and Desmos

The algorithm behind this binomial calculator is based on the formulas provided below: 1) B (s=s given; n, p) = { n! / [ s! (n - s)! ] } * P s * (1 - P) n – s 2) B (s
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Binomial Distribution Calculator

To solve this problem, we need to find the probabilities that r could be 3 or 4 or 5, to satisfy the condition “at least”. Examples: (answers rounded to the nearest hundredth) 1. A family consists of 3 children. What is the

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