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Converts between Standard form and a Decimal, Fraction calculations, Simultaneous and Polynomial Solver. Prime factorization, Metric conversion, Hyperbolic

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All options are available and its pretty decent even without solutions, atleast I can check if my answer's correct or not. Came across this app by chance and absolutely love it.

Alvin Burton

But currently photos are not working but still amazing, but if you give some more explanation in free version it would be hevenly. But otherwise a must have! This was great for my Algebra 1 class.

Frank Burgoon

ACTUALLY, this App is GR8 , Always helps me when I get stucked in math question, and thank you whoever decided to make this and then decided this should be free. Best app every one should have download now. But by tap the camera I only capture the pic of my question.

Jose Goodridge

Casio fx

The fx-115ES Plus 2 is the latest advanced scientific calculator featuring Natural Textbook Display and is an excellent choice for high school and college

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Casio fx

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Casio fx

Casio's latest and most advanced scientific calculator features new Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality. FX-115ES PLUS has been


Casio's FX-115 ES Plus 2nd Edition calculator is on the list of approved calculators for the NCEES engineering and surveying exams. Solve exam problems with

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In mathematics, an equation is a statement that two things are equal.

Casio FX

Advanced scientific calculator features Natural Textbook Display technology to show your mathematical expressions exactly as they appear in the textbook.

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Make the Casio fx-115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator your high school or college companion. With 460 total functions, this calculator is ideal for students in
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