Chord definition geometry

A line segment that joins two points on the circumference of the circle is defined as the chord of the circle. Among the other line segments that can be drawn in a circle, the chord is one whose endpoints lie on the circumference. Observe the

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Chord Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

A chord is any line segment whose endpoints lie on a circle. The diameter is a special kind of chord that passes through the center of a circle. It is also the longest possible chord for a given circle. In the diagram above, line segment
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Chord (geometry)

Degree of Curvature, D = 10° Degree of Curvature; Chord Definition, R = 50 / (sin (D/2)) = 50 / (sin (10/2)) = 573.6857 Invoking the SCS tool for D = 10, R = 573.6857 only the R value can be entered to develop the element into the

Whats a Chord? Geometry Terms and Definitions

A line segment connecting two points on a curve. Example: the line segment connecting two points on a circle's circumference is a chord. When the chord passes through the center of a

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Chords of a Circle – Explanation & Examples

A chord is any line segment whose endpoints can be found along the circumference of a circle. A chord has a simple definition, yet has a significant contribution to

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