Collage mat for 16x20 frame

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Amazon Photo Mats White 16x20 Collage Picture

This Photo Collage mat fits a standard 16x20 frame. Choose to have it cut to fit 7 4x6 photos or 5 5x7 photos (last image shows layout of 5x7 openings). Mat can
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Multiple Opening 16x20 Pre Cut Collage Photo Mat

Our stock collage mats range from having 2-13 windows. You can order just the mat or load it up with a frame, acrylic, and all of the necessary accessories to

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Picture Framing mat 16x20 for photograph collage

16x20 Economy White Core matting in Smooth White color. This collage photo mat is cut with 4 windows to fit 4x6 prints. (actual openings 3.5x5.5)

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Multiple Opening 16X20 Pre Cut Collage Photo Mat

Buy Amazon Photo Mats Black 16x20 Collage Picture Mat for 15 Photos or Pictures (Matting Only): Storage & Presentation Materials - FREE

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