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Combining like terms and distributive property examples

Independent work for CLT and Dist. Prop. Then put it all together solving equations. Subjects: Math.

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Examples of How to Combine Like Terms with or without the Distributive Property Step 1: Combine the x Step 2: Distribute the constant 2 Step 4: Distribute

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First, use Distributive Property, then Combine Llike Terms to simplify each expression. 25) -n + 4(n + 1). 26) -3(1 - 3x) + 2x. 27)

Combining Like Terms with the Distributive Property

This worksheet can be used to introduce multistep equations. I have my students put the worksheet in their math notebooks to use for
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Simplifying and Combining Like Terms

For your problem, 4x + 3x - 2xy, the only terms that are like terms are 4x and 3x. The -2xy is not a like term to any of the others. So you go

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Combining Like Terms Using The Distributive Property

HOMEWORK - DISTRIBUTIVE Property & Combining Like Terms. Use Distributive Property to simplify each expression. Easy to Medium problems. 1) 7(1 - 8n).

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