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Compound inequality no solution

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2.7: Solve Compound Inequalities

Ans. Compound inequalities are a type of inequality that has two or more parts. These parts can be either “or” or “and”.For example, if you have an inequality that says “x is

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Compound Inequalities Lesson

A compound inequality with no solution. Sal solves the compound inequality 5x-325, only to realize there's no x-value that makes both inequalities true. Created by Sal
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Can An Inequality Have No Solution? (3 Things To Know)

A compound inequality with OR can never be with no solution as we just find the union of the individual solutions. So we will try to frame a compound inequality with AND which has no

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Solve Compound Inequalities

This video provides an example a compound inequality involving AND or Intersection with no solution. Complete Video Library: http://www.mathispower4u.comSe

Inequalities with No Solution or Infinite Solutions

The solution of a compound inequality that consists of two inequalities joined with the word and is the intersection of the solutions of each inequality. In other words, both statements must be

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