Cone slant height calculator

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Slant height of Cone Calculator

Find the height of a cone with a slant height of 5 and radius of 3. h = √ (25 - 9) Square the slant height and radius. h = √16. Subtract the squared radius from the squared slant height. h = 4.

Cone Calculator

How to calculate Slant height of Right Circular Cone using this online calculator? To use this online calculator for Slant height of Right Circular Cone, enter Height (h) & Radius (r) and hit

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Learn Formula for Calculating Slant Height

This cone calculator can help you calculate the volume, surface area, base & lateral surface area, radius or height & slant height of a right circular cone if you provide the required dimensions.
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Area, Volume & Slanting Height of Cone Calculator

Example 1: Compute the circular cone volume, height, slant height, base surface area, and total surface area.If the cone radius is 5 mm and the lateral surface area is 176 mm³. Solution:

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