Decimal Demonstrator

Interactive decimal games for pre-kindergarten to grade 5 kids online aligned Apply your knowledge of decimals to identify tenths using fraction models.

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Decimals to Tenths

We hope you and your third-graders will enjoy learning about decimals to tenths in this interactive math game! Be sure to check out tons of other math lessons

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Games for Kids on Tenths and Hundredths Online

Learn decimals the fun way with this decimal model matching game. 2 Games - tenths and hundredths.

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Decimals Menu

Bingo game features 10 different bingo cards displaying decimals ranging from tenths to hundredths. Practice decimal place value with

Decimals And Tenths Game Teaching Resources

Free online kids decimal math games make learning fun. Topics: decimal models Play the Decimal Models Tenths game to deepen your understanding.

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