Definition of coefficient in algebra

The coefficient is the number that precedes a compound or element in an equation. It represents the number present in the reaction. It can be thought of as similar to a

What is a Coefficient in Math?

co·ef·fi·cient (kō′ə-fĭsh′ənt) n. 1. A number or symbol multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term, as 4 in the term 4 x, or x in the term x ( a + b ). 2. A numerical

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Kids Definition of coefficient. 1 : a number or symbol by which another number or symbol (as a mathematical variable) is multiplied 3 is the coefficient of x in the expression 3x. 2 : a number

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define coefficient

A coefficient is a number that is multiplied by a variable. That is, a number being multiplied by a variable, such as x, y, or z, is called a coefficient. Moreover, any variable without a
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Definition of Coefficient

In mathematics, a coefficient is a number or any symbol representing a constant value that is multiplied by the variable of a single term or the terms of a polynomial. It is usually a number, but sometimes may be replaced by a letter

Expression: Term, Factor And Coefficient

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