Determine whether the equation represents y as a function of x

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Determining whether an equation represents y as a function of x In this video series I show how we determine the difference between a relation and a function. A function is a relation where e

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1.1: Four Ways to Represent a Function

For x=0, the equation gives us y=2 and y=-2. That is enough to say that the equation does not represent y as a function of x. In fact, the equation represents a circle centered at (0,0) with radius 2. For any x such that , the equation

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SOLVED:In Exercises 19-36, determine whether the equation

Answered 2020-10-22 Author has 94 answers. x = y 2 = 3. This is sideways opening parabola,which is not a functon,but let's solve for y anyway. y 2 = 3 − x. y = ± 3 − x. Because