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The definition of a one to one function can be written algebraically as follows: Let x1 and x2 be any elements of D. A function f (x) is one-to-one. if x 1 is not equal to x 2 then f (x 1) is not equal to f (x 2 ) Using the contrapositive to the above. A

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How to determine if a function is one-to-one?

To determine that whether the function f (x) is a One to One function or not, we have two tests. 1) Horizontal Line testing: If the graph of f (x) passes through a unique value of y every time, then the function is said to be one to one

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Inverse Function Calculator

Question: Determine whether the function is one-to-one. If so, (a) write an equation for the inverse function in the form y = f¯¹ (x), (b) graph f and f¯1 on the same axes, and (c) give the domain

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