What's the difference between disk method, washer

The main difference between the washer and shell methods in calculus is the orientation to the axis of rotation. The washer method you use a dx if you rotate around the x axis. The shell method, you use dy for rotation around the x axis.


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When to use washers method and when to use shells method?

Comparison of the the Disk/Washer and the Shell Methods. Sandra Peterson, Learning The Washer Method is used when the rectangle sweeps out a solid that.

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What is the difference between the shell method and disk

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How To Use The Shell Method? (w/ 3 Powerful Examples!)

3. Further the basic difference between Shell and Disc\Washer method is that for solid of rotation about the X-axis, the shell method calculates the volume by

Comparing washer and shell method

The washer method is similar to the shell method except that instead of cutting an infinite number of thin shells from the solid, you cut just

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