How to find e(x^2)

In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on How to find e(x^2).

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Finding E[X^2] from a given random variable with distinct

u = x^2, du = 2x. multiply du * e^u = 2x e^x^2. e x2 dx If: u = x 2. du = 2x dx. You can't substitute dx by du, since dx = du/ (2x), not just du. You would have dx in terms of two

Random Variability

f (g (x)) = e^x^2 ⇒ f' (g (x)) = e^x^2. = 2xe^x^2. Using the chain rule, the derivative of e^x^2 is 2xe^x^2. Finally, just a note on syntax and notation: the exponential function e^x^2 is

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