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How to solve inverse equations

As a sample, select the value x=1 to place in the original equation . This gives the result y=4. Next, place that value of 4 into the inverse function .

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Inverse Functions

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Inverse Function (Definition and Examples)

For one thing, any time you solve an equation. To solve x+4 = 7, you apply the inverse function of f(x) = x+4, that is g(x) = x-4, to both sides (x+4)-4 = 7-4 . To solve 2^x = 8, the inverse function of 2^x is log2(x), so you

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How To Find The Inverse of a Function

Inverse functions are a way to undo a function. In the original function, plugging in x gives back y, but in the inverse function, plugging in y (as the input) gives back x (as the output). If a function were to contain the point ( 3,5 ), its inverse

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Inverse Function Calculator

Since the choice of the variable is arbitrary, we can write this as . [Is there another way to do this?] Check your understanding 1) Linear function Find the inverse of . [I need help!] 2) Cubic