How to type exponents in MS Word

Read and write numbers in exponential notation “squared, cubed and to the power of“.Visit: to see all videos and a complete set of r

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4 Ways to Add Exponents to Microsoft Word

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How to Type an Exponent in Word for Office 365

Place your cursor where you want an exponent. For example, if you want to place an exponent after the number 10 in a document, place your cursor directly after the 10 with no

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How to Type Exponents in a Word Document

If you're using the equation editor / equation tool in Word, exponents are on the equation palette. If you're creating the equation yourself, you can use superscript - select the

Inserting and Formatting Exponents in Word

Open your document in Word. Position your cursor where you want the exponent in the document. Type the number or character for the exponent

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