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There is Equation to find volume that can make the technique much easier.

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Volume Calculator

For example, to find the volume of a rectangular prism (similar to a cube, but with each side of a different length), we just need to calculate the area of one of the faces and then multiply it by the length perpendicular to said face, as shown in

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Find the length of one side of the cube. Depending on your assignment, the cube will either be labeled with this information, or you may have to measure the side length
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Density Calculator p = m/V

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How To Calculate Find The Volume of A Cube, Square Box

The general volume formula of the cone is expressed as: The volume of a cone, V = (1/3)πr2h cubic units. Here, 'r' is the radius of the base (circle) of the cone 'h' is the height of the cone π is a constant with the value either 22/7 (or) 3.142.

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6 Ways to Calculate Volume

How to use the volume formulas to calculate the volume. Cube The length of a side = a = 2 cm Volume = (2 cm) = 2 cm × 2 cm × 2 cm = 8 cm 3. Cylinder The height is 8 inches and the radius

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