Equation of a circle passing through a point

Equation of the circle passing through the point (1, 1) and point of intersection of circles x 2 + y 2 = 6 and x 2 + y 2 − 6 x + 8 = 0 is A x 2 + y 2 − 6 x + 4 = 0

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Equation of a Circle With Examples

So, we need to get an equation of a circle passing through these 3 points. We have a general equation using the two variables. It is , x 2 + y 2 + 2 g x + 2 f y + c = 0 Like the General equation
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Equation of circle passing through 3 given points

To write the equation of a circle, we need to know the length of the radius of the circle and the coordinate point of the center of the circle. Given a circle whose center is at (h, k)

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