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Also no ads! it works on most equations, and it solves them instantly! only thing that bugs me is that sometimes the graphs have weird fractions as markers, not whole numbers. Although, one thing is that you have to watch videos to see the steps of the problems but it gives you the answer for free.

Robert Manning

10/10 would illegally download again. Absolutely fantastic answers on the fly. And someone else not in scien, can't explain how good it is. Didn't know how to do any of my math and this really helped save my grade. Everything is great, except that when i do tge photo thing, its not working so i have to write the whole exercise in the calculator space.

Adam Walker

10/10 would use everyday, amazing speed of calculting and can solve WAAAY more calculations than any regular calculator. But the only problem is that sometimes it mistakes what you wrote and then shows you the wrong results and then I have to scan my question several times then it works.

Michael McKellar

Solve inequalities with Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver

inorder to solve in terms of x, you must set both equations equal to each other: 3x-4= 2/(2x+3) here we can multiply each side by (2x+3) to simplify to get: (3x-4)(2x+3)=2. Then
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Solve for y in terms of x

To solve for x (the unknown variable in the equation), apply arithmetic

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Solve for x Calculator

Solve the equation explicitly for y and differentiate to get y’ in terms of x. 1. Consider the following equation. 3x^2 − y^2 = 5 (a) Find y’ by implicit differentiation. y’ = (b)

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