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Calculate runtime on n log(n) big O notation?

You don't need an exact, or even close, solution. n is an integer, and a small one at that. You can easily check that by n=8, we already have n > 8 log n [assuming log is base 10]. But it's close

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How can I solve for $n$ in the equation $n \log n = C

n log n = c log(n^n) = c n^n = exp(c) Then, this equation has a solution of the form: n = exp(W(c)) where W is Lambert W function (see especially Example 2). It was proved that

solve n/log(n)=2147483647

n log n is O (n)? T (n) = 3 T (n/2) + n lg n .. I have come to the solution that it belongs to masters theorem case 2 since n lg n is O (n^2) but after referring to the solution

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How do you solve for n in the following equation: n log n= 1000?

Apparently the way to answer these is the following 3 identities: f = O(g) if \lim_{n \to \infty} \frac{f}{g} n \to \infty} \frac{f}{g} = 0 f = \Omega(g) if Graph containing every trees of size n as subgraphs
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solve n log n = 36 * 10 ^ 12

W ( n) ≃ L 1 − L 2 + L 2 L 1 + L 2 ( L 2 − 2) 2 L 1 2 + where L 1 = log ( n) and L 2 = log ( log ( n)). Let us try with your number n = 10 9; this gives the approximation W ( 10 9) ≃ 17.84192146 and

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