Finding the X & Y Intercepts of an Equation

Put y = 0 in the equation to get the x-intercept. => 0 = mx + c. Solve the equation for x. => mx = -c => x = -c/m. This derives the formula for x-intercept. Y Intercept Formula. The y

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Intercept (Intercept Meaning)

Examples on X and Y Intercept Example 1: Find x and y intercepts for the line 6x + 3y = 18. Solution: To find the x-intercept substitute y = 0. 6x + Example 2:Draw the graph of 5x + 3y =

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

👉 In this playlist you will learn how to graph a linear equation in standard form, slope intercept form as well as when the slope and y intercept are provid
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