Finding difference quotient

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Difference Quotient Calculator

This precalculus video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the difference quotient. It explains how to find the difference quotient of a function wi

Difference Quotient Calculator

The Difference Quotient Formula is a part of the definition of a function derivative. One can get derivative of a function by applying Limit h tends to zero i.e., h ⇢ 0 on difference

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f (3.1) = (3.1) 2 − 2×3.1 + 1 = 4.41. And the Difference Quotient is: f (3.1) − f (3) 0.1 = 4.41 − 4 0.1 = 0.41 0.1 = 4.1. As Δx heads towards 0, the value of the slope heads towards the true slope at x.

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Calculus Examples

Steps for Finding the Difference Quotient for a Linear or Quadratic Function Step 1: Find {eq}f (x+h) {/eq} by replacing each {eq}x {/eq} in the function {eq}f (x) {/eq} with {eq}x + h {/eq}.

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Difference quotient: applications of functions

Solution: Using the difference quotient formula, the difference quotient of f (x) is, [ f (x + h) - f (x) ] / h. = [ ln (x + h) - ln x ] / h. = ln [ (x + h) / x ] / h (because by quotient property of logarithms, ln m - ln n = ln (m / n)) Answer: The difference

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