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Find the Zeros of a Polynomial Function with Imaginary Zeros

For zeros, we first need to find the factors of the function x^{2}+x-6. The factors of x^{2}+x-6are (x+3) and (x-2). Now we equate these factors with zero and find x. i.e., x+3=0and x

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Finding Complex Zeros of Polynomial Functions

Real and imaginary zeros - Math Central Question from David, a student: Find all the real and imaginary zeros for each polynomial. Factor each polynomial. Leave factors with imaginary


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Find Complex Zeros Of A Polynomial Using The Fundamental

1. list all possible rational zeros using the Rational Zeros Theorem. 2. use synthetic division to determine each possible rational zero found. This also reduces the polynomial to a quadratic

How to Find Imaginary Roots Using the Fundamental

👉 Learn about Descartes' Rule of Signs. Descartes' rule of the sign is used to determine the number of positive and negative real zeros of a polynomial func

8.12 Finding Complex Zeros of Polynomial Functions

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