Fraction questions

Fractions Questions and Answers 1. How many 2/3 kg pieces can be cut from a cake of weight 4 kg? Solution: Let p be the number 2/3 kg pieces that are cut from a 4 kg cake. So, p × (2/3) = 4 p

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Word Problems on Fraction

Our fraction worksheets start with the introduction of the concepts of equal parts , parts of a whole and fractions of a group or set; and proceed to operations on fractions and mixed numbers. Choose your grade / topic: Grade


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The answer is yes.

How to Solve Fraction Questions in Math

7 min read Fractions Questions 1. Simplify (3 mks) 2. Simplify without using calculators and tables (3mks) 3. Evaluate without using a calculator. (3mks) 4. A two digit number is such that
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Fraction Word Problems Mary needs to order pizza for 18

Factor Fractions , examples with questions including solutions. Adding Fractions. Add fractions with same denominator or different denominator. Several examples with detailed solutions and

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