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How to simplify a fraction. The reduction of a fraction to minimum terms is quite simple, and it involves simplifying any common factor that the numerator and denominator may have. What

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Simplifier for Fractions

To perform arithmetic operations on mixed numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it will be easier if the mixed number is first simplified to a regular

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Amazing app with on point recognition even with bad camera and faded screen, also offers steps for how to solve equation which is real helpful. Best help when you need extra help on any math equation. Best math calculator I've used, better than any school, even 6k per year schools that I go to.


Douglas Bailey

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A simple way' *By the way*, Thank you very very much. Best app in the world no math app can be better than it, great app, really does what it says it does easily and neatly, has a goo UI and a good "calculator" to write down the problems and a good variety for derivatives, functions, integrations that you can stuff in a phone and the camera feature is really really good and helpful, but needs a decent handwriting ‚, you can still edit the equation after you scanned it which is good in case of some wrong letters.

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Jorge Castilleja