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Amazing way to check your child's homework! So much faster and easier than entering it manually into calculator, even if math app is a robot he seems so sweet and cut but I may just be weirdly attached to objects, fenominal.

Joseph Diamond

And the app will be good for other thing for math and algebra and science calculation so this app will be good for all of us in the world, definitely recommend if you're having problems in math.

Leslie Delagarza

Absolutely amazing implementation Amazing features going way beyond a calculator Unbelievably user friendly, always has the right answers and helps me alot with tests, an app I use daily with no ads so far, but the ads can be a pain and that fact that its not all free is hard iam in school and have no money.

Enrique Jensen

7 of the best Math apps for iPad

Learning & Exploring Math Ideas. Math Learning Center. The Math Learning Center is a set of math tools where young learners can make their own hands-on model of what they

5 Awesome Free iPad Math Game Apps for your Kids

Download Gomath - Learn Math & Practice and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Learn Math Free math questions suitable for students, kids, boys, girls, adults including parents

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6 awesome and free maths iPad apps

Teaching Algebra With Free iPad Apps for Teachers and Parents 1. Algebra Champ - free Algebra Champ provides practice solving straightforward, single variable linear equations in an entertaining, game-like environment.

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10 Best Maths Apps

The best iPad apps for math games Monster Math 2: Games For Kids. One of the best iPad apps for math games, Monster Math helps your child practice and Hooda Math Mobile - Cool Math Games for Kids. With this math

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10 Free Math Apps for Students that Teachers Swear By

Let us have a look at the Top 15 free Math Apps for Kids. 1. DoodleMaths Features An award-winning math app for kids in kindergarten and elementary school Suitable for the

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