Gauss jordan method step by step

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2.2: Systems of Linear Equations and the Gauss-Jordan Method

Flow Chart of Gauss-Jordan Elimination Method : Examples : Input : 2y + z = 4 x + y + 2z = 6 2x + y + z = 7 Output : Final Augmented Matrix is : 1 0 0 2.2 0 2 0 2.8 0 0 -2.5 -3 Result is : 2.2 1.4 1.2 . Explanation : Below given is the

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Gauss-Jordan elimination algorithm

Steps to find the inverse of a matrix using Gauss-Jordan method: In order to find the inverse of the matrix following steps need to be followed: Form the augmented matrix by the identity matrix. Perform the row reduction

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Matrices: Gaussian & Gauss-Jordan Elimination

Transforming a non-singular matrix A to the form I n by applying elementary row operations, is called Gauss-Jordan method. The steps in finding A − 1 by Gauss-Jordan method
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