Graphing polar equations by hand

Some of the formulas that produce the graph of a circle in polar coordinates are given by r = acosθ and r = asinθ, wherea a is the diameter of the circle or the distance from the pole to the farthest point on the circumference. The radius is

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Graphs of Polar Equations

Graphing Circles Using Polar Functions 2. Sine vs Cosine - Positive vs Negative Direction 3. Finding the Diameter and Radius of Circle From The Equations R = cos theta and R

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Precalculus Notes Graphing Polar Equations By Hand

Example 1: Graph the polar equation r = 1 – 2 cos θ. Solution: Identify the type of polar equation . The polar equation is in the form of a limaçon, r = a – b cos θ. Find the ratio of . a b. to