How to find the common ratio of a geometric sequence

Let the first term of the sequence be a 1. Then a 1 = 12; the fourth term is a 4 = − 96. Since the sequence is geometric with ratio r, a 2 = r a 1, a 3 = r a 2 = r 2 a 1, and so on. With

Geometric Sequences and Sums

Let a and r be the first term and the common ratio of the geometric sequence. The n th term of this geometric sequence=an=ar^ (n-1) The second term=ar and the fifth term=ar^4 Second and

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Finding the Common Ratio of a Geometric Sequence

S_n = a [ (1 – r^n)/ (1 – r)] if r r = l / [r (n – 1)]. The sum of infinite series, that is the sum of Geometric
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Finding the Common Ratio of a Geometric Sequence

The common ratio, r of a geometric series is calculated using the following formula, r = Where n represents the succeeding term and n – 1 is the term immediately

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Terms of Geometric Sequences

Solution: To find: Common ratio. Divide each term by the previous term to determine whether a common ratio exists. 2 1 = 4 2 = 8 4 = 16 8 = 2 2 1 = 4 2 = 8 4 = 16 8 = 2. The sequence is

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