3.3: Graph Using Intercepts

To graph a linear equation by plotting points, you can use the intercepts as two of your three points. Find the two intercepts, and then a third point to ensure accuracy, and draw the line. This method is often the quickest way to graph a
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Graph using Intercepts

What you’ll learn to do: Plot lines on the rectangular coordinate system using x- and y-intercepts. One of the easiest ways to graph a line is by using the x- and y- intercepts as two of your

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Using the X and Y Intercepts to Graph Standard Form Equations

The steps to graph a linear equation using the intercepts are summarized below. GRAPH A LINEAR EQUATION USING THE INTERCEPTS. Find the x - and y - intercepts of the
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Graph Using Intercepts

This article will teach you how to graph a line using intercepts. Steps Download Article 1 Linear equations will always have two variables, the independent variable and the dependent variable. Identify

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Explain mathematic equations

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