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Calculating a Rate

Using your calculator, enter the first number and divide by the number you found: 150/10 = 15 and 70/10 = 7 The answer to both is your ratio: 15:7 Alternatively, if you wanted to

Explain math equation

The Quadratic Formula is a mathematical equation that can be used to solve for the roots of a quadratic equation.

Decide math equation

The answer to the equation is 4.

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Rate Per 1000 Calculator

Calculating the 1% of a Number. Finding 1% of any number is very easy. Let's take back our exam example, the first step is to find 1% of the total number. 1% means of any

Ratio Calculator

The ratio of a smaller number to a larger, of a part to the whole. This illustrates 3 out of 5: the ratio of the part, 3, to the whole, 5. The part is three fifths of the whole. (Here, part refers to

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