How to divide decimals step by step

In order to divide a decimal number by 10, move the decimal point to the left by one place. For example, if we need to divide 45.67 ÷ 10, then it can be easily

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How to Divide Decimals: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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Dividing Decimals

Step 1: Write the given division expression in the standard form. Step 2: Now, we have to divide the decimal number’s whole number part by the divisor. Step 3: Place the decimal point in the

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Dividing Decimals

Make a general estimate of what you think the quotient will be. This can be done by rounding
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Dividing Decimals

To divide decimals, start by moving the decimal point in the divisor all the way to the right so it's a whole number. Then, move the decimal

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Long Division Calculator with Decimals


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