How to do inscribed angles

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Inscribed Angles

An inscribed angle is an angle whose vertex lies on a circle, and its two sides are chords of the same circle. On the other hand, a central angle is an angle whose vertex lies at the center of a circle, and its two radii are the sides of the angle.
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Inscribed Angle

And we know from the inscribed angle theorem that an inscribed angle that intercepts the same arc as a central angle is going to have half the angle measure. And it even looks that way right over here. So if ABC- if the central

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Formulas for Angles in Circles

How To Solve Inscribed Angles In the diagram below, we are given a circle where angle ABC is an inscribed angle, and arc AC is the intercepted arc. Using the theorem, we can quickly solve for either the inscribed angle or the

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Inscribed Angles

The Inscribed Angle Theorem tells us that an inscribed angle is always one-half the measure of either the central angle or the intercepted arc sharing endpoints of the inscribed angle's sides.
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