Inverse Trigonometric Functions

In general, we don’t need to actually solve an equation to determine the value of an inverse trig function. All we need to do is look at a unit circle. So, in this case we’re after an

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Intro to inverse trig functions (article)

What are the Formulas of Inverse Trig Integrals? The formulas of inverse trig integrals are as follows: ∫ sin-1 x dx = x sin-1 x + √(1 - x 2) + C; ∫ cos-1 x dx = x cos-1 x - √(1 - x²) + C; ∫ tan-1 x
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Finding inverse trig derivatives

We’ll start with the definition of the inverse tangent. y =tan−1x ⇒ tany = x y = tan − 1 x ⇒ tan y = x The denominator is then, sec2(tan−1x) = sec2y sec 2 ( tan − 1 x) = sec 2 y Now

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