How to find interval notation on a graph

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3.3: Domain and Range

Solution: To find intervals of increase and decrease, you need to differentiate the function concerning x. Therefore, f’ (x) = -3x 2 + 6x. Now, taking out 3 common from the

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Intervals and Interval Notation

Find the domain of the graph of the function shown below and write it in both interval and inequality notations. Solution to Example 1 The graph starts at x = - 4 and ends x = 6. For all x between -4 and 6, there points on the graph. Hence the

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What Is the Range of a Function?

!Graph the interval [−2,5) [ − 2, 5) . Step 1: The equivalent inequality for this interval is the set of x x satisfying −2 ≤ x< 5 − 2 ≤ x < 5. x x can equal -2 because there's a square bracket


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Features of Function Graphs

How to Write the Interval Notation of Solutions to Inequalities: Step 1. Graph the solution set on the number line. Use an open dot ( ) at the boundary point/s excluded in the solution. Use a closed dot ( ) at the boundary point/s included

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Interval Notation

Firstly, we need to graph the solution set of the interval on a number line. Then write the numbers in the interval notation with a smaller number appearing first on the number line on the left.
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