Easy way to compute logarithms without a calculator?

2017-4-23 · How to figure out the log of a number without a calculator? Ask Question Asked 10 years, 6 months ago. Modified 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 162k times 17 $\begingroup$ I

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How do I calculate logarithms without calculator?

2022-10-3 · Calculating the amount of times a binary search could run (worse case) without a calculator/calculating base 2 logs without a calculator. 0. Solving Log(1.66) without a

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Logarithms introduction

 · $\begingroup$ If you know the log of a few prime numbers, you can find the log of a number that is close to the desired one. So if you have log(x) and you want log(x+d), just add

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Master Evaluating a logarithm without a calculator

Let us try to replace the number in the parenthesis with the base raised to an exponent. log 5 (25) = log 5 (52) One the base and the number in the parenthesis are identical, the exponent of the number is the solution to the logarithm. Therefore log 5 (25) = 2. Some more examples: log 2 (32) = log 2 (25) = 5. log 6 (1) = log 6 (60) = 0.
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