How to find the midline of a trig function

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Cosine Function (Cos)

The midline is parallel to the 𝑥-axis. And the midline is affected by vertical translations. When our curve is written in this format, 𝑦 equals 𝐴 times cos of 𝐵 times 𝑥 minus 𝐶 plus 𝐷. 𝐴 is the amplitude, 𝐵 is

Trig Graph Vocabulary

function!The midline is where is the average of the minimum and maximum values of the function. In a formula form, the midline is found by analyzing the vertical shift. The equation is where is the number added to the trigonometric function to perform the vertical shift. Real-life Applications See more

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Midline, amplitude, and period review

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Graphing Sin and Cos

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