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How to find the x intercepts

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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

x-intercepts\:y=\frac{x^2+x+1}{x} x-intercepts\:y=\frac{1}{x^2} x-intercepts\:y=\frac{x}{x^2-6x+8} x-intercepts\:y=\sin(3x)

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3 Ways to Find the X Intercept

The x-intercept of the line can be obtained by putting y = 0, x-intercept = (am−b)/m. The intercept form of a straight line is x/a + y/b = 1 where (a, 0) is its x-intercept and (0, b) is its y-intercept. X Intercept on a Graph To find the x

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High School Math : How to find x or y intercept

The x-intercepts are points where the graph of a function or an equation crosses or “touches” the x x -axis of the Cartesian Plane. You may think of this as a point with y y -value of zero. To find the x x -intercepts of an equation, let y = 0 y = 0
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