How to find the zeros of a cubic function

Consider the following cubic polynomial, written as the product of three linear factors: p(x): (x−1)(x−2)(x −4) p ( x): ( x − 1) ( x − 2) ( x − 4) The zeroes of this polynomial are: x =1, x = 2, x =

How to Factor a Cubic Polynomial: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Therefore we set each factor equal to 0; x = 0; x - 9 = 0; x + 2 = 0; x=0, x = 9, x = -2. Then x = {-2, 0, 9} appear as the zeros of this cubic function, let us check each; f (x) = (-2)^3 - 7 (-2)^2 - 18 (-2)

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Methods for Finding Zeros of Polynomials

1) Find the roots and confirm them by remainder theorem. We want to solve: . \displaystyle 2x^3 + 6x^2 - \frac {9} {2}x - \frac {27} {2}\;=\;0 2x3+6x2− 29x− 227 = 0. It is easier

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Solving Cubic Polynomials

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How to find zeros of cubic polynomial? Maths Q&A

How to find the zeros of a function on a graph After plotting the cubic function on the graph we can see that the function h(x) = x^{3} - 2x^{2} - x + 2 cut the x-axis at 3 points and

Solutions Of Cubic Functions (3 Key Facts About Zeros Of

Instead, find all of the factors of a and d in the equation and then divide the factors of a by the factors of d. Then, plug each answer into the equation to see which one equals 0.

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