How to get exponent out of denominator

Multiply top and bottom by the square root of 2, because: √2 × √2 = 2: Now the denominator has a rational number (=2). Done! Note: It is ok to have an irrational number in the top (numerator)

Fractional Exponents in Denominator

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Simplify an expression using rules of exponents

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Solving an exponential equation with e on the denominator

Multiply the top and bottom by something that makes the exponent in the denominator 1. In our case, we are dealing with a cube root, so multiply by Remember that

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Rules of Exponents

in a fractional exponent, think of the numerator as an exponent, and the denominator as the root Another rule for fractional exponents: To make a problem easier to

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Learn how to rewrite an exponent in the numerator

Each expression with a parenthesis raised to the power of zero, 0 0, both found in the numerator and denominator will simply be replaced by 1 1. Make sure to reduce the fraction to its lowest

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